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cookie Jan 29
hmmmmm . . . Cookie decides on the pancakes 
Good choice
bar dogs
Our daddy is cooking sangs who wants one 
Oooh sangs yessss, one each pawleeeease
cookie Jan 31
with whipped cream please
That's a grand idea Cookie, whipped cream for us too pawleeeeeeease
cookie Feb 1
Cookie pats his full tummy and sits back with his new friends . . . ahhhhhh - how's about a root beer ?
Here ya go Cookie one root beer, we thinks we all need a nap by the fire in The Snug
cookie Feb 2
Cookie yawns and joins his new furfriends for a snooze . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cookie Feb 5
Yawn . . . sheesh, that was nice - let's EAT !
Lots to choose off the menu
cookie Feb 8
how's about a nice big juicy steak with french fries and corn ?  I hope my new furiends will join me !
Ooh yes please we would love to join you, we will have also have two pup sized please Waitress
cookie Feb 13
and a big ice cream sundae with a cherry for dessert !
cookie Feb 14
It's Valentine's Day, so I'll create

a special cake to celebrate,

a cake as good as a cake can be

I'm using my own recipe

I dump some butter in a bowl, 

add licorice as black as coal

then jellybeans, and eggs, and rice

and chocolate chips, a touch of spice.

I put in bits of peanut brittle,

salt and sugar, just a little,

flour too, a scoop or so

and mild to help me mix the dough.

I drop in raisins, half a cup,

then stir and stir and stir it up,

The oven's on, the cake is in,

I'm wiping batter off my chin.

I hope my cake will turn out well . . . 

Wait !  What's that awful smell ?

It really doesn't look too nice,

want to try a tiny slice ?

Oooh we game to try !!!
Smells like breakfast is gonna be good today !
cookie Feb 20
Think I'll try the eggs today . . . with a side of corn bread !
Good choice Cookie
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