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skippy roo Sep 27 '14
me has never had deep fried Mars Bar  
skippy roo Oct 21 '14
Help me chef , Tia locked me out
Becks the sheepdog Oct 22 '14
You're not coming in Skippy until those feet are nice and clean, we've just done the kitchen floor.
skippy roo Oct 22 '14
me no like having bath
Becks the sheepdog Oct 23 '14
Just those feet Skippy - the floor is nice and clean and even Fang wiped his paws. He was desperate for his bacon sandwich and freshly brewed coffee.
bar dogs

Note for chef Meggsy ,

can you put a order in for any thing you need to make our Halloween party menu

thank you

Becks the sheepdog Oct 24 '14
I'll work on the menu this weekend, of course if anyone has any requests, let me know.
skippy roo Oct 30 '14
Hello me Chef
Becks the sheepdog Oct 31 '14
I wouldn't stand there for too long Skippy, or I'll have you working in the kitchen.
Rangoon Oct 31 '14
better not, I'm not sure I'd have the courage to eat anything cooked by Roo - he's such a prankster
skippy roo Oct 31 '14
Haha the food is good it's the Halloween brew you should worry about
Becks the sheepdog Nov 12 '14
*Meggsy chases Fang out of the kitchen, after he was found hovering over the lunches she was about to serve*
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fang Nov 12 '14
fang goes along his his tunnel .then he stops and then switches on a tv he could see Meggsy dishing up the dinners . fang got a plate and put it on a platform that he had made and pressed a button the plate went up and a full plate of hot food came down . the empty plate went where the plate with hot food was.  Meggsy saw the empty plate and thought she was losing her  marbles and started to put food on the plate . fang in his tunnel grabs the plate of hot food and runs off
Becks the sheepdog Nov 12 '14
There's a beeping noise as Scooby backs up the JCB (backhoe I believe they're know as in the US) to behind the kitchen, one scoop and a hole appears in the car park. Skippy then pulls the lever on the cement mixer and fills up what appears to be a tunnel between the kitchen and the wood shed. Maybe Fang's been watching too many war movies - Great Escape, Wooden Horse, Colditz Story etc.
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we have another plan in store for Fang , so think twice before you pinch any more food Fang
bar dogs
Chef Meggsy , is teaching Skippy how to cook , look at all the lovely food
TeddyandSidney Nov 14 '14
Wowzers Roo that looks good. When Chef Meggsy is on duty at the Railway Station you can help at The Smugglers Inn.
Becks the sheepdog Nov 15 '14
Yes, Skippy's certainly has a lot of ability and learns fast. There's always a lot of perperation and planning.
Becks the sheepdog Nov 20 '14
One large pot full of warming soup being prepared for all those stuck with the snow. Maybe we get some in just over a week's time as it blows over the Atlantic?
skippy roo Nov 21 '14
Skippy Roo is here for some yummy veggie soup
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