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Becks the sheepdog Mar 25 '15
Do we have any charcoal biscuits to calm Fang's stomach? If not, have you a bag of barbeque charcoal and I'll bake some myself?
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TeddyandSidney Jun 9 '15
Can I pawlease have my monthly Gardeners World? Thankee.
AngelFinn Dec 11 '15
Hi I would like to get Ruby something nice for Christmas what type of presents do you have?
shadowbobbi Dec 11 '15
we have a great seection of gifts finn we have squeaky toys, luxury collars and accessories every need is catered for 
Becks the sheepdog Feb 1 '16
I'm dropping in to place the order for the Chinese food for next week.
TeddyandSidney Apr 18 '16
Is the Gardeners monthly here yet pawlease? We need to give it to William to read as we too little to read properly yet !
TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '17
Is the Gardeners Monthly here pawlease as we need to learn sooooooooo much.
boss dog
fang Mar 16 '17
fang his shop keepers hat on and say" its around here some where arrr here it is and ive put you over mags under the gardening mag for discretion hehehe

TeddyandSidney Mar 17 '17
You must have us confused with the Scurvy Crews little light reading as they only good with pictures.
bar dogs
The village shop has some great new gifts in store , come and check them out  xxx
TeddyandSidney Jan 17 '18
Wow we love the Valentine gifts in the shop, Oooh ohhhh don't know which to choose.
bar dogs
Lovely roses from the Smugglers In Garden , only $ 1 a bunch xxx
TeddyandSidney Jan 22 '18
They will be fabulous on Valentine's Day
TeddyandSidney Sep 3 '18
Oooh great our Gardening magazines have arrived
cookie Nov 17 '18
hmmmm . . . I need to start some Christmas shopping
TeddyandSidney Jan 9 '19
Better collect our Spring Gardening News Magazine
cookie Jan 2
Any good after holiday sales ?  I really need me some new gardening equipment - it'll be spring before we know it !!

If you find the garden shop, let me know, we'll need some new things, too.

boss dog
fang Mar 15
have you got any loo rolls hehehe
Blue Mar 16
An amazing find, my dad found one 20-pack at the store... 
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