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Some of you may know or may not know that I am my momma's Service dog. What that means is that I have the privilege to go anywhere with her and help take care of her. Well we are going to share a post momma put on facebook the other night and then we are going to share our story of love that momma and I wrote last year.

invisible/visible disabilities: There are many of these including diabetes, ptsd and many others. If you had met me on the street you wouldn't know that I have had diabetes for 39 years of my life. If you had met my dad you wouldn't know he suffers from PTSD. there are many disabilities out there that you can't see on the outside but they are real and they do exist.
Service dogs are dogs that provide a medically necessary task for their owners. In my case Sasha has been medically trained to detect my low blood sugars.She is nationally registered as a service dog and go pretty much everywhere I go. The reason I have her is that my invisible disability is called hypoglycemic unawareness. This means I don't have the usual symptoms that other people have when their blood sugars are going low. Which can be extremely dangerous. That is why I have Sasha she has been trained to detect the scent change when this happens and she lets me know when I need to check my sugar. Dogs are amazing creatures that can do many things. Sasha makes my life complete and well worth everything I have put into her.

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tiki bell asprey Feb 26 '18
yes you are so right there are so many invisible disabilities  I find it hard to explain to people that I suffer from Agoraphobia it is very debilitating, I know I dress up Tiki like a baby doll, but believe me she does such a job for me, if it were not for this little girl I would not be able to venture outside my door by myself, she is able to alert me before I go into a full panic attack were I would get disoriented  and not be able to get home.
Blue Feb 26 '18
Service dogs are wonderful,amazing, devoted and so beneficial to their owners in need.  Blue is a "therapy" dog, which is different from a service dog.  Blue visits nursing homes to visit with residents/patients  and is not a service dog.  He does not have the same rights of a service dog to accompany his owner (Mom) everywhere.  Therapy dogs are just there to help spread a little joy or comfort when making visits to facilities he is registered.  There is sometimes much confusion between service dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog or animal.   The Therapy Dog organization Blue is registered with has their dogs wear a scarf and ID card - not a vest - to help distinguish therapy dogs from service dogs.