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Becks the sheepdog Apr 21 '14
The 1710 has been and gone, depositing a slightly bloated Great Dane and a pile of duty-free shopping bags.
skippy roo May 22 '14
booked a ticket on the train for ya Fang you need to get out of town , you will have a lot of pets chasing you soon haha  
Becks the sheepdog Jun 5 '14
The 1115 calling at all stations train has left with a large marsupial on board. It's only the local one so it's not got a buffet on it, and I don't think he'll get those feet of his under the seats. Still, it's only a 50 minute journey, he'll live. His Aunty Lil is going to meet him with the pram!
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boss dog
fang Jun 5 '14
hope he has a good trip 
TeddyandSidney Jun 5 '14
I gave him a bag of veggies for the journey as he seems to enjoy them so much out of my garden.
bar dogs
Skippy was not   happy when he got on the train
Becks the sheepdog Jun 9 '14
After all the messing around at the station, they've nice new tracks going through and a nice new footbridge with a ramp instead of slippery steps. All the better for those with big long feet to be able to cross the line, or those with short legs. There's a yellow strip painted on the platforms too, to stand behind as some of the trains that go through without stopping will be going faster than before.
No news of Skippy though, perhaps he's enjoying himself with his little cousins.
Dooli says, "Wow! I've never been on a train before. I might like it. I know I'd like the Buffet Car fur sure! Can I go where I want to? I know Kenny would like to go to Paris." 
Becks the sheepdog Jun 10 '14
Skippy's Ma has just hopped off the train, she's been up to visit him in hospital and doesn't look too pleased about it. Anyway his Pa met her at the station and they're off for a meal at the Smuggler's. He needed a pair of pyjamas to wear in the ward, but the only ones they have are with pictures of little bunny wabbits on them, so that's what he's wearing.
Becks the sheepdog Jun 16 '14
Skippy's Ma has booked assistance for them on Tuesday, they'll need help getting over the new footbridge. It's a good job the new one has a ramp, otherwise the signalman would need to stop the trains whilst they wheel him over the old staff foot crossing at the end of the platform.
bar dogs
We r going to meet Skippy & his ma to give them a paw hand getting him home
TeddyandSidney Jul 14 '14
*Scooby leaves basket of mxed roses for Train Waiting Room*
Becks the sheepdog Aug 30 '14
The tour train will be calling on Sunday, possibly those who'd like to dine on the train would call round and book themselves for it.
bar dogs

We put  a poster up at the B&B Smugglers Inn

Scooby & Val has put there name down to go

It's our day of so we will go to

Becks the sheepdog Sep 24 '14
Oh dear, the last train from town was 15 minutes late, seems as it's now autumn there are leaves on the line. Any excuse eh? We think the driver was late finishing his Cappuchino.
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AngelFinn Oct 15 '14
Hi I thought perhaps to take a nice train ride with Ruby...I want to visit some nice romantic places to see autumn leaves.  When is a good time to book a train ride?
Becks the sheepdog Oct 15 '14
How about a nice ride up to Windermere in the English Lake District, and see the autumn colours reflected on the lake with a romantic boat ride as well?
Rangoon Oct 15 '14
Hi, Finn - I'd recommend a train ride on the Siberian line - one week of tete-a-tete with Ruby and landskapes are great, I'm told.
AngelFinn Oct 15 '14
Oh my ...I was thinking perhaps a short excursion ....Something for a few hours and back ?  
AngelFinn Oct 17 '14
 Ruby the train ride together was so romantic 
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