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shadowbobbi Dec 3 '16
we enjoyed the sausage rolls, and the mince pies were fab too
Becks the sheepdog Dec 11 '16
I've had an odd phone call from the station. It seems that yesterday Fang wasn't doing much shopping but he was taking a tour of the town's pubs. The White Horse, Red Lion, Brewer's Arms, Market Tavern, Black Swan, Traveller's Rest and the Station Inn all report visits, and he did leave his bag of food shopping in the Station Inn and it was put on the train this morning and is in the station master's office ready to be collected when Fang surfaces.
TeddyandSidney Dec 11 '16
Think we need to get our wheelbarrow out to trundle Fang home.
boss dog
fang Dec 11 '16
hope it was cold or some of that has gone off hehehe 

Becks the sheepdog Dec 12 '16
Fang's food in the fridge ready for collection at the station.
boss dog
fang Dec 12 '16
food im here I brought my HGV truck to get it hehehe
TeddyandSidney Dec 15 '16
Fang has bought a lot of food, hope he's got some tummy settlers on standby.
Becks the sheepdog Dec 16 '16
We have a bucket full of indigestion tablets for Fang, though the food in the Smugglers shouldn't have that effect.
Becks the sheepdog Feb 9 '17
Becks gets off the train back from town with a lot of bags from the farmer's market and boards the bus up towards the Smuggler's Inn.
TeddyandSidney Feb 9 '17
We have brought our truck trolley to help you carry in your bags Becks
TeddyandSidney Feb 14 '17
*Teddy and Sidney and the Scurvy Crew wave at the Tornado Steam Train as it rattles through the village and the driver toots a cheery toot*
TeddyandSidney Mar 15 '17
a nice vase of daffodil flowers for the waiting room
TeddyandSidney Feb 8 '18
Wonder if the Ghost Train will come through on Valentine's Day Night?
cookie Feb 11 '18
ggggghhhhooooost train ?  wwwwhhhhat's that ?
TeddyandSidney Feb 11 '18
Oooh yes he comes through every year and the Piratey Crew salute it through !
cookie Feb 13 '18
does it carry any treasure ?
TeddyandSidney Feb 14 '18
Just old bones
cookie Feb 20 '18
b-b-b-bones ?
TeddyandSidney Mar 9 '18
One or two skeletons
cookie Mar 10 '18
skeletons of who  ?  or what ?
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