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shadowbobbi Aug 7 '14
remember this game, you write a sentence then ask for a letter not to be used in the next sentence think i got it right, we will give it a go :)

we are enjoying our summer her in britain lazing around topping up our tans

do,not use letter d
We Three Aug 7 '14
We love August, it means our fall will soon be here!
don't use L
bar dogs

Went to the Beach today for the first time since buddy 's passing we wrote his name in the sand

don't use the letter M

TeddyandSidney Aug 10 '14
Happy its raining today so I dont have to water the garden
Dont use letter H
skippy roo Aug 10 '14

Me is singing , Skippy Skippy the bush kangaroo every one loves me

don't use letter J  

ruby Aug 10 '14
having a snooze in the sunshine after my morning walk with mum's walking group, hooray she remembered to take my fav stick

don't use letter Z

TeddyandSidney Aug 11 '14
The hurricane missed us am so pawleased we did not have much wind or rain
Dont use letter H
shadowbobbi Aug 11 '14
we got a lot of rain and very windy

dont use letter p
boss dog
fang Aug 12 '14
it was so windy when i cocked my leg for a weee the wind blow me over hehehe

dont use letter E

Ryno W Aug 12 '14
I don't know if I can do that fang
Don't use the letter T

bar dogs

Duck for cover every one Fangs pee is heading your way hehe

don't use the letter F

TeddyandSidney Aug 17 '14
I hid in my Gardening Shed so kept dry
Dont use letter G
ruby Aug 17 '14
I think it is time to have a snooze in front of the fire    Don't use letter s
The Forum post is edited by ruby Aug 17 '14
bar dogs

The pirate won the photo prize

don't use the letter D

shadowbobbi Aug 19 '14
how awesome is that

dont use letter i
ruby Aug 21 '14
another cold wet day here

don't use letter y

TeddyandSidney Aug 24 '14
I am going to eat a whole bacon sandwich for breakfast
Dont use letter G
ruby Sep 1 '14
My walk today was up the hill and in the rain 

don't use letter W

AngelFinn Sep 2 '14
I slept most of the day and then played a game. 

don't use letter F

shadowbobbi Sep 2 '14
we had a great walk and played ball

dont use letter t
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