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Angel Jerry

Hi Im Jerry I share my home with my brother ben. Im a little more laid back then my rowdy brother. I take management of the cage like keeping it clean , making the bed and digging at everything. When it comes to new stuff i normaly follow my brothers lead but when it comes to our Excerise balls i win him everytime as he hasnt got the nack for it and ends up stuck in one place. Were as i zoom all over the place. Then after that i like to cuddle with my brother and maybe take a nap thats if it doesnt turn in to a play fight. We were orginaly some kids pet but they got bored of us and werent taking proper care of us which is were mummy Natasha steped in to give us a nice home were we would be loved and looked after. We were in a sorry state when mum got us dirty etc. But i was the worst out the two of us i could barely see and had to ahve treatment for my bad eye infection lucky with the medicen it cleared up pretty fast and im one happy gerbil now