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Hi im Clemont Iv come alot out my shell now with my family. Althought im still a little shy and love spending time in the garden mostly with them. I love to run them around and show them my moves im so fast! Mum says im like a Ninja with all my dashing , flipping and suprise attacks. I like chasing the cats too mr pussycat has to take refugee on the table but tiddles is genrally alot more fun i chase her in and out the house. Herbert tends to join in but he just cant keep up with my speed. I like making a mess knocking pots over and shoving them around out the shed as well as my atual toys too. I have a football i like to roll but i also like to do tricks jumping over it. All this means i need to keep my stamina up so theres nothing better then some treats or some fruit/veggies. We grow some in the garden that i like to nibble on but mum doesnt apprecate when im eatting the flowers the pansys just taste so good tho.