Blue's agility training video - 2/10/2018

Blue at agility training practicing a longer course for the first time.  OK, off to a good start with the jump and A-Frame, then he had to go back to see if he left any treats back at the A-Frame.  Then two jumps to the tire jump to the tunnel, two more jumps to the table for sit, then to tunnel.  Had to stop for an itch before the weave poles and in the weave poles!  Then the final two jumps!  Bark, Bark says Blue

The Wall

Feb 11
Oh Blue ! Mom smiled all the way through your performance - especially the suspenseful part when we didn't know what you were going to do . . .
Feb 11
Well, you and mom may not win any agility trials, but you are both having a good time. Mom loved seeing this! Thank you so much for sharing!
Feb 11
Looked like you were having fun and that's what matters most!
Feb 12
Awesome video buddy!
Feb 12
Mommy smiled also, Blue, you were looking for the treat, am I right? But, bottom line, you are awesome!
Feb 26
Dooli says, " Blue, that was so cool! My mom loved seeing you do your best on your course! You are gorgeous when you move!"
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By Blue
Added Feb 10

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